Are you aching for some West Texas or old fashioned style ?

This is a great choice to make! This is a timeless and style of home decorating. This style is also known as pioneer, log cabin, , or mountain style decorating.

No matter what you call it, this type of style is based upon the use of natural materials such as logs and , twigs, animal hides and antlers, rocks, metals, etc. To begin with you will want to figure out how you can add these natural materials to your home.

Western style furniture is usually rugged large heavy type furniture, but simple in design. There is a lot of use of bare . Very often in this style you will see rustic log beds, and other log furniture. Fabrics are often Native American prints, Cowboy prints, or cabin style-kinds of prints, including use of , bear, elk, etc in the prints. If these are not your usual preference, consider a rough or natural hair on finish leather, denim, suede, or weaves.

Colors should be mostly earth tones, such as rich browns, dark greens, dark reds, golds, etc. Some additional colors might include slate gray, black, deep dark blues or lighter creams and yellows.

You’ll want to add such items as knickknacks, old bottles, kitchen tools, quilts, blankets, wall hangings, pillows, antiques etc. This decor would integrate cowboys, saddles, horses, Native American crafts, wild animals and antlers found in forests and mountains, trout and streams, wildflowers, etc.

Old time items will go well with the look. You should look for bright and bold-colored quilts, old saddle blankets, barrels, weathered farm tools, Native American tools, feeding troughs, ropes and so on.

Use old horseshoes as candle holders or clothes hooks on your wall or as bookends. Take bandanas, animal hides, etc and make them into pillows, quilt squares, or even lampshade covers. Rawhide is often used for rustic lamp shades and lamps are also commonly made from logs and or antlers. Decorate with old Mason jars and canning items by scattering them around on your side tables, bookcases, or fireplace mantel.

A rustic, western style, or log cabin home should usually have a natural floor, preferably made from hardwoods or recycled plank flooring. But they could also be made from tile or flagstone. Western-style area are also a nice look and will help to keep the tootsies warm.

Rustic lighting is a perfect complement and will go well with your new style of decorating. Old lamps made with cowboy or ranch prints are great, but you can use almost any lamps made from wood, metal, antlers and or rawhide. Lampshades made of stretched rawhide will really add to that ranch feel.

Other decorative details might include Native American beading, fringe, twig accents, metal drawer pulls and doorknobs, and anything made from logs. Many items made from animal antlers are popular such as lamps, chandeliers, coat hooks, drawer pulls, etc. Pottery and stoneware will add to the rustic cabin look.

Obviously there are a number of ways you can add this look to your home or business. Whether you are just adding a little touch, or decorating a rustic log cabin. The use of natural logs, metal, animal hides, antlers, etc will give a warm, rich look in the rustic, cowboy, or mountain style you are looking for.

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You have just bought that cozy mountain home, or you want to bring some of that mountain feel back home with you, consider decorating a room or your whole house in a mountain motif.

Bringing the solitude of into your home is the idea behind this new mountain trend and it is catching on like wildfire. lighting and furniture is all the rave right now. Black bear decor or an antler chandelier will add a whimsy feel to any mountain home. Having the lodge look is as easy as a click of the mouse. You can find cottage furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living areas and even your outdoor patio. Made of natural such as pine, or cedar, many pieces can be painted with designs of country scenery, animals or birds. Others have a mixture of & metal art in the shape of leaves and stems creating an outdoor feel to any room.

A large rectangular table made of cedar or pine would be great for your kitchen or dining room table. Add a wrought-iron or metal chandelier as a focal point to provide vintage lighting for that lodge decor style home. Accent your kitchen or dining room by displaying rustic dinnerware, using antler door pulls or an adding an iron leaf baker’s rack in the corner. Use open shelving in the rustic country kitchen to display plates, dishes and dinnerware collections.

Iron and stain glass lighting in your living room can bring some of that old world charm into your country style home. Use wicker baskets to hold firewood, or decorate with pine cones, or dried flowers or old bird houses to bring the in. Kerosene, oil, or hurricane lamps, and lanterns, also adds to that old timely feel. Throw a handmade quilt over an old chair or use an old travel trunk for a table, covered with lace doilies or old fabric that reminds you of a happy childhood. Think of things from your past that make you smile and remember a simpler time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mostly the country theme is employed when a cottage or even a decoration is undertaken. To be consistent with natural aspects with the freshness and simplicity offers, a log would be a peaceful and tranquil place. Log cabins are mostly in country areas or forests. Use of a country style envisages bringing the natural outside beauty, into the inside of the log . Since a country theme uses color schemes and ideas which exist right out of the window, it should not be very difficult to decorate a log .

Taking a cue from the nature, use of natural for furniture and flooring would be the most natural choice while decorating a log cabin. Pine, cedar or birch definitely compliment the space, especially of a cottage or a log cabin. can be left in its original state to maintain its natural look or a look can be obtained by using stain. Irrespective of whether your choice is a new look or an authenticity, wood is the best choice while decorating a cottage or a log cabin.

You might want to shift your old home furniture to your cottage or log cabin. New slip covers meant for the chairs or the couch give a brand new look to the furniture. For a log cabin, the furniture could be painted. This will also make for a fresh appearance. You can choose warm colors ranging from light to medium shades for the paint or slip covers. Warm colors comprise of browns, yellows, or terracotta and contribute to the warmth of the place. Decorating a log cabin lays emphasis on coziness and warmth. The log cabin has no need of wall paints, but if a cottage is to be decorated, you might like to go in for similar wall colors.

For a log cabin decoration, bold colored fabrics of natural themes could be used. Floral patters would also look nice in a cottage or in a setting of log cabin. These fabrics could be used in curtains for the windows, slip covers or throws, and bedspreads. You could enhance the natural theme with outdoor accessories like pieces of old wood or dried flowers to be made into candle holders. People generally gather such wonderful things from the nature while taking a stroll by the river or while on a hike. These items when made into accessories will also serve as mementos.
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A house is a not building but a home is place where one gets peace of mind. Every one wants to decorate their home and cabins giving it a trendy look that also matches the latest interior decoration. For an antique lover the exotic range of furniture will be just the best for décor. With emerging trends rustic furniture is capturing the entire range of furniture and fixtures and is rapidly rising in trend of décor.

The interior decoration of a cabin varies according to the size, adjacent rooms, wall colors and many other features. However, the ethnic look of a cabin is accomplished only with a set of rustic furniture. Because of their robust, handcrafted elegance, rustic furniture gives a cozy and warm sensation, even in a town home. The placement of rustic furniture creates an impact on the expression of the cabin. Furnishing with rustic furniture can be a great choice for decorating a cabin. Drapes on the window and on the floor continue with providing a warm feeling at the cabin. Decorating cabin can be a fun beyond furnishing a sense of satisfaction and comfort within oneself.

The choice of rustic furniture can vary according to individual taste and the subject of the cabin. For the selection of dining room furniture, one could go for cedar rustic furniture and for the selection of bedroom furniture one should settle with more antique rustic furniture. While looking for rustic furniture, one should not compromise with the quality. The rustic furniture can be easily found at a garage sale and one can also purchase it from online rustic furniture store at much cheaper rates.

Rustic furniture are made up of or and easy to maintain. Simple dusting and waxing is needed to keep them just like new. Because of their easy and affordable maintenance and ethnic look, rustic furniture is becoming very popular at an emerging pace. They reflect an exclusive sense of style and grace. Such rustic furniture is becoming a mode of replicating a high status lifestyle. Rustic indoor furniture and outdoor furniture can add to your cabin‘s ambiance providing it a traditional appearance.

You can also go for other cabin decor accessories and variety of rustic furniture at online shopping store of products.

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