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Throughout the years cabin bedding has been most often seen in retreats, northern spas, cabins and summer homes.

However, in the last three years cabin bedding has grown in popularity in all types of homes – city or country. In an effort for the ultimate comfort, for waking up each morning and laying your head down each night, this type of bedding will have you feeling that you are on your summer holiday at a or nestled in a northern .

The patterns are fun and vary from wildlife to wooded scenes, from lakes and beaches to fishing paraphenalia. In fact whatever your heart can dream of regarding cabin life and decor, you’re likely to find a bed set to suit your needs.

Most cabin decor bedding is created for comfort. The sheets may be flannel to keep you extra warm at night and the comforters are almost always thick but light. Today’s cabin beds are often accompanied with extra soft chenille for both form and function. Cabin or bed in a bag sets include sheets, pillowcases, blanket and duvet cover. In some styles and patterns we have matching curtains, complementary , pillow shams and more.

When it comes to animal or wildlife inspired cabin bedding you’ll find moose, elk, trout, wolves and especially black bear. More traditional types will seek out bold, large checks (as seen on the backs of northern woodsmen) or a repetitive pattern of leaves or berries. If you like your bedding to be less ‘busy’ you will also find variations on the theme in solid colors – colors borrowed from such as browns, greens and blues.

To round out the look of your bedroom keep an eye out for extra blankets to drape at the foot of the bed or pile in threes on a nearby chair or blanket box. Handmade quilts are also fitting attire in a cabin that has been handed down through the generations as it lends an authentic look to your space.

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